How to make Scouse food recipe

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spicy | stew,meat,seafood

Actions /Procedures:

- heat
- cut
- stir
- mix

Ingredients of Scouse recipe :

3.0|tbsp|Vegetable Oil|vegetable oil.jpg|42.54
340.0|g|diced Braising Steak|new_diced braising steak.jpg|340.0
340.0|g|diced Lamb|lamb.jpg|340.0
0.0|as per taste|Salt|salt1.jpg|0
0.0|as per taste|Black Pepper|Black Pepper1.jpg|0
1.5|kg|peeled Potato|Peeled Potato.jpg|1500.0
4.0|cup|Beef Stock|Beef Stock.jpg|800.0
2.0|pc|diced Onion|chopped onions.jpg|150.0
2.0|pc|sliced Carrot|sliced carrots.jpg|150.0
2.0|tbsp|Worcestershire Sauce|Worcestershire Sauce.jpg|28.36

How to prepare Scouse recipe (Method/Procedures of cooking) :

Preheat oven to 160°C / gas mark 4.
Heat oil in a large skillet.
Season the meats with salt and pepper, brown on all sides.
Transfer to a large, deep casserole pot.
Cut 3/4th of the potatoes into thin slices, set on top of the meat.
Pour in the stock.
Cover and cook in the oven 90 minutes.
Cut the remaining potatoes into small cubes.
After 90 minutes, give the scouse a stir to break up the sliced potatoes.
Mix in the uncooked potatoes, onions, carrots and worcestershire sauce, cover and cook 60-90 minutes more, or until the meat is very tender.
Adjust the seasonings and serve!

How long it takes to make Scouse recipe in hours (Time to prepare)

2:50 Hrs

How many people our Scouse recipe serve?

6 persons

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