How to make Cawl food recipe

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spicy | soup,vegetable,meat

Actions /Procedures:

- simmer
- mix
- boil
- cut

Ingredients of Cawl recipe :

50.0|g|Pearl Barley|pearl barley.jpg|50.0
4.0|pc|sliced Carrot|sliced carrots.jpg|300.0
2.0|pc|sliced Onion|onion sliced.jpg|150.0
1.0|pc|chopped Swede|Chopped Swede.jpg|75.0
3.0|pc|chopped Leek|Chopped Leek.jpg|225.0
0.0|as required|Thyme|Thyme.jpg|20.0
1.0|pc|Bay Leaf|bay leaf.jpg|75.0
900.0|g|chopped Potato|chopped Potato.jpg|900.0
1.0|tbsp|chopped Parsley|Chopped Parsley.jpg|14.18
10.0|pc|Black Peppercorn|Black Pepper1.jpg|750.0

How to prepare Cawl recipe (Method/Procedures of cooking) :

Trim the meat of fat, cut into big chunks, put in a deep pan with plenty of water, bring to a boil slowly and skim (throughout the cooking process you need to ensure there is enough liquid to cover the ingredients).
Add the pearl barley, carrot, onions and swede.
Bring back to a boil, add half tsp salt and peppercorns, then thyme and bay leaf bundled with string, and simmer gently for 2 hours.
Mix the potatoes and simmer for 20 minutes.
Taste for seasoning.
Add leeks and simmer for a further 5-10 minutes.
Serve with garnish of parsley, warm, crusty, wholesome bread and Caerphilly cheese!

How long it takes to make Cawl recipe in hours (Time to prepare)

2:30 Hrs

How many people our Cawl recipe serve?

6 persons

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This recipe food type:


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