How to make Beef With Chili Peppers food recipe

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spicy | meat,nuts

Actions /Procedures:

- stir fry
- mix
- heat
- stir

Ingredients of Beef With Chili Peppers recipe :

400.0|g|Fillet Steak|fillet steak.jpg|400.0
2.0|tbsp|Cornflour|Corn Flour.jpg|28.36
3.0|tbsp|Groundnut Oil|groundnut oil1.jpg|42.54
5.0|inch|Ginger peeled|Ginger Peeled.jpg|150.0
2.0|cup|Red Chili|red chili1.jpg|400.0
3.0|clove|Garlic sliced|Garlic sliced.jpg|15.0
2.0|pc|Red Pepper|red pepper.jpg|150.0
2.0|tsp|Dark Soy Sauce|Dark Soy Sauce.jpg|10.0
2.0|tbsp|Light Soy Sauce|Light Soy For Dipping Sauce.jpg|28.36
2.0|tbsp|hot Vegetable Stock|Hot Vegetable Stock.jpg|0
1.0|tsp|Sesame Oil|Sesame Oil.jpg|5.0

How to prepare Beef With Chili Peppers recipe (Method/Procedures of cooking) :

In a bowl, toss the beef slices in cornflour and set aside.
Heat a wok over high heat, add groundnut oil and let heat up further until it's smoking.
Add garlic, ginger and red chili, to avoid burning, stir these quickly.
Now add the beef slices and stir-fry until browned.
Drain out the fried stuff with a slotted spoon and set aside.
Now, heat the remaining 1 tbsp of groundnut oil in a wok, add red pepper and a little freshly ground black pepper and stir-fry over a medium heat for 5-7 mins.
As the red peppers and crushed black pepper soften, add back the beef to wok and stir to mix all these.
In the end, pour in both the soy sauces, sesame oil and vegetable stock and heat until bubbling.

How long it takes to make Beef With Chili Peppers recipe in hours (Time to prepare)

1:10 Hrs

How many people our Beef With Chili Peppers recipe serve?

4 persons

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