How to make Cheddar Cheese food recipe

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Actions /Procedures:

- stir
- cut
- blend
- mix

Ingredients of Cheddar Cheese recipe :

1.0|gallon|Fresh Cow Milk|milk.jpg|2177.3
0.25|tsp|Cheese Spread|Cheese Spread1.jpg|1.25
0.25|tsp|Liquid Rennet Dissolved|Liquid Rennet Dissolved.jpg|1.25
1.0|tbsp|Noniodized Salt|noniodized salt.jpg|14.18

How to prepare Cheddar Cheese recipe (Method/Procedures of cooking) :

In a large cooking pot, warm the milk to 90°F.
Add the culture and mix thoroughly with a whisk until the culture is uniformly blended into the milk.
Allow the milk to ripen for 1 hour.
Slowly add the rennet solution into the milk, stirring constantly with a whisk.
Stir for at least 5 minutes.
Allow the milk to set for 1-2 hours until a firm curd is set and a clean break can be obtained when the curd is cut.
With a long knife, cut the curds into 1/4" cubes.
Allow the curds to sit for 15 minutes to firm up.
Slowly raise the temperature of the milk to 102°F, it should take as long as 45 minutes to reach this temperature.
During this time, gently stir the curds every few minutes so they don’t mat together.
Cook the curds at 102°F for another 45 minutes, stirring gently.
Line a colander with cheesecloth and pour in the mixture to drain off the whey.
Pour quickly and do not allow the curds to mat.
Place the curds back into the double boiler at 102°F.
Stir the curds to separate any particles that have matted.
Add the salt and mix thoroughly.
Cook the curds for 1 hour, stirring every few minutes.
Carefully place the curds into your cheesecloth-lined mold.
Press the cheese with about 20 pounds of pressure for 45 minutes.
Remove the cheese from the press and flip it.
Press the cheese with about 40 pounds of pressure for 3 hours.
Remove the cheese from the press and flip it.
Press the cheese with about 50 pounds of weight for 24 hours.
Remove the cheese from the press.
Place the cheese on a cheese board and dry at room temperature for 5 days until the cheese is dry to the touch.
Wax the cheese and age it in your refrigerator for 3 to 24 months.
The longer the cheese is aged, the sharper the flavor it will develop.

How long it takes to make Cheddar Cheese recipe in hours (Time to prepare)

2:30 Hrs

How many people our Cheddar Cheese recipe serve?

4 persons

Recipe Course:

accompaniment / side

This recipe food type:


Taste of Cheddar Cheese food recipe


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