How to make Pina Colada Trifle food recipe

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sweet | cold dessert

Actions /Procedures:

- boil
- heat
- simmer
- stir
- mix
- toast

Ingredients of Pina Colada Trifle recipe :

250.0|g|Ready-made White Chocolate Muffins|ready-made white chocolate muffins.jpg|250.0
30.0|ml|Dark Rum|dark rum.jpg|30.0
400.0|g|Fresh Pineapple Peeled Chopped|fresh pineapple peeled chopped.jpg|0
50.0|g|Icing Sugar|icing sugar.jpg|50.0
50.0|ml|Coconut Liqueur|coconut liqueur.jpg|50.0
2.0|pc|Kiwi Fruit Peeled And Sliced|kiwi fruit peeled and sliced.jpg|150.0
150.0|g|Apricot Jam|apricot jam.jpg|150.0
6.0|pc|Egg Yolks For The Custard|eggyolks.jpg|450.0
125.0|g|Sugar For The Custard|sugar.jpg|125.0
40.0|g|Plain Flour For The Custard|plain flour for the custard.jpg|40.0
400.0|ml|Tin Of Coconut Milk For The Custard|tin of coconut milk for the custard1.jpg|400.0
1.0|pc|Vanilla Pod Split Seeds Scraped Out For The Custard|vanilla pod split seeds scraped out for the custard.jpg|75.0
200.0|ml|Double Cream Whipped For The Custard|double cream whipped for the custard.jpg|200.0
100.0|ml|Double Cream Whipped For The Topping|double cream whipped for the topping.jpg|100.0
100.0|g|Mascarpone Cheese For The Topping|Mascarpone Cheese For The Topping.jpg|100.0
50.0|g|Desiccated Coconut Toasted For The Topping|dessicated coconut.jpg|50.0

How to prepare Pina Colada Trifle recipe (Method/Procedures of cooking) :

Break up the muffins into chunks and place over the bottom of a large glass bowl, to cover.
Drizzle rum over the cake pieces.
Place the pineapple pieces into a clean bowl and sprinkle with icing sugar and coconut liqueur.
Keep in the fridge to chill for one hour, then spoon the pineapple pieces on top of the cake in the glass bowl.
Add the kiwi slices.
Warm the apricot jam in a small pan with a little water to dilute it, then pour over the cake and fruit.
For the custard, whisk the egg yolks and sugar together in a clean bowl, until pale and light.
Sieve in the flour and whisk well, ensuring there are no lumps.
Place the coconut milk and vanilla seeds into a clean pan over a low heat.
Bring to a boil, then remove from the heat and pour over the egg yolk and sugar mixture.
Whisk well to combine.
Pour the custard mixture back into the pan and bring back to the boil.
Reduce the heat and simmer for 5-6 minutes, stirring constantly.
Pour the custard into a bowl, cover with cling film and allow to cool.
Once cooled to room temperature place into the fridge to chill for one hour.
Remove from the fridge and fold the whipped cream into the custard.
Spoon the custard and cream mixture onto the fruit layer in the trifle bowl.
For the topping, place the cream and mascarpone into a clean bowl and mix well.
Spread the cream and mascarpone mixture over the custard layer in the trifle bowl.
Sprinkle the toasted desiccated coconut over the top and serve!

How long it takes to make Pina Colada Trifle recipe in hours (Time to prepare)

1:30 Hrs

How many people our Pina Colada Trifle recipe serve?

6 persons

Recipe Course:


This recipe food type:

cold dessert

Taste of Pina Colada Trifle food recipe


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