How to make Chocolate Cocktail food recipe

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sweet | other beverage,cocktail,alcoholic

Actions /Procedures:

- juice
- puree
- shake

Ingredients of Chocolate Cocktail recipe :

35.0|ml|Caribbean Rum|caribbean rum.jpg|35.0
25.0|ml|Chocolate Liqueur|chocolate liqueur.jpg|25.0
10.0|ml|Raspberry Puree|raspberry puree.jpg|10.0
10.0|ml|Lychee Puree|ychee puree.jpg|0
0.0|as required|Ice Cubes|ice cubes.jpg|0
10.0|ml|Double Cream|Double Cream.JPG|10.0
0.0|as required|Chocolate Powder|Chocolate Powder.jpg|20.0

How to prepare Chocolate Cocktail recipe (Method/Procedures of cooking) :

In a cocktail shaker, put together the rum, chocolate liqueur, raspberry puree and lychee juice.
Add a few ice cubes and shake well.
Strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass.
Over the surface of the prepared liquid, gently pour a small amount of cream passing through the back of a spoon, thus, creating a second layer.
Sprinkle with chocolate powder.
To decorate, thread three raspberries on a cocktail stick.
Sit the stick on the rim of the glass.
Serve with a top-quality filled chocolate or truffle!

How long it takes to make Chocolate Cocktail recipe in hours (Time to prepare)

0:20 Hr

How many people our Chocolate Cocktail recipe serve?

2 persons

Recipe Course:


This recipe food type:

other beverage,cocktail,alcoholic

Taste of Chocolate Cocktail food recipe


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