How to make Colourful Raw Green Superslaw food recipe

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salty | salad / anti-pasto,vegetable

Actions /Procedures:

- chop
- blend

Ingredients of Colourful Raw Green Superslaw recipe :

0.5|pc|Organic Red Cabbage|organic red cabbage.jpg|37.5
0.5|pc|Organic White Cabbage|organic white cabbage.jpg|37.5
2.0|bunch|Continental Flat Leaf Parsley|continental flat leaf parsley.jpg|150.0
1.0|bunch|Organic Kale|organic kale.jpg|75.0
4.0|pc|Organic Carrots|organic carrots.jpg|300.0
12.0|pc|Green Spring Onions|green onion.jpg|900.0
1.0|cup|Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Dressing|cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.jpg|200.0
0.25|cup|Raw Cashews Soaked For Dressing|raw cashews soaked for dressing.jpg|50.0
0.25|cup|Fresh Lemon Juice For Dressing|lemon juice fresh.jpg|50.0
4.0|clove|Garlic for dressing|garlic.jpg|20.0
1.0|pinch|Sea Salt For Dressing|celtic sea salt.jpg|0.25

How to prepare Colourful Raw Green Superslaw recipe (Method/Procedures of cooking) :

Chop up the vegetables individually in your food processor and toss in a salad bowl.
Blend the dressing in your high speed blender and toss through the vegetables.
Add in more lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt to taste to reach a perfect blend.
Serve on its own, or with boiled organic eggs or other clean protein!

How long it takes to make Colourful Raw Green Superslaw recipe in hours (Time to prepare)

0:10 Hr

How many people our Colourful Raw Green Superslaw recipe serve?

4 persons

Recipe Course:

salad / anti-pasto

This recipe food type:

salad / anti-pasto,vegetable

Taste of Colourful Raw Green Superslaw food recipe


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