How to make Vegetarian Tomato Pasta Sauce food recipe

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sweet | sauce

Actions /Procedures:

- heat
- simmer
- stir

Ingredients of Vegetarian Tomato Pasta Sauce recipe :

150.0|ml|Olive Oil|olive oil.jpg|150.0
4.0|pc|Spanish Onions Finely Shredded|Onion minced.jpg|300.0
2.0|clove|Garlic Finely Shredded|garlic fine diced.jpg|10.0
1.0|tbsp|Sea Salt|sea salt.jpg|14.18
0.0|as required|Freshly Ground White Pepper|white pepper for marinade.jpg|20.0
400.0|g|Whole Tomatoes|whole tomatoes.jpg|400.0
1.0|tbsp|Brown Sugar|brown sugar1.jpg|14.18
1.0|bunch|Basil Leaves Picked And Roughly Chopped|basil chopped.jpg|75.0

How to prepare Vegetarian Tomato Pasta Sauce recipe (Method/Procedures of cooking) :

Warm the olive oil in a heavy-based saucepan over medium heat.
Add onions, garlic, salt and pepper.
Cook for 10 minutes, turn heat to low and continue to cook until very soft, about another 10 minutes.
Add tomatoes, sugar and half the basil.
Simmer until thickened and tomatoes have cooked out.
Stir through remaining basil just before serving!

How long it takes to make Vegetarian Tomato Pasta Sauce recipe in hours (Time to prepare)

2:0 Hrs

How many people our Vegetarian Tomato Pasta Sauce recipe serve?

4 persons

Recipe Course:

accompaniment / side,condiment / sauce

This recipe food type:


Taste of Vegetarian Tomato Pasta Sauce food recipe


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